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Northwestern Arkansas Master Naturalists - Southern Section

Welcome to NWAMN -
Southern section

Do you love nature?

Do you want to learn more about nature?  Do you want to share knowledge about nature with the people around you?  Do you want to work together with fellow conservationists to keep the Natural State natural?

Then this is the place for you.  We’d love to have you join us and you will enjoy being part of the group. There’s something about people who want to learn and who are willing to work for a cause. A common saying is, you’ll join for the classes but stay for the people.

Western Arkansas Master Naturalists has been folded into the Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalist chapter.  WAMN is now NWAMN - Southern Section, or NWAMN-S, an interest group for events in the mid-western section of Arkansas.  Check the NWAMN page for joining and for chapter-wide activities.
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Western Arkansas - the land, the history, the challenge

Western Arkansas is a land of variety. Running down its center is the Arkansas River, surrounded by bottomlands and rolling hills. To the north are steep valleys cut into the Ozark plateaus. To the south are the jagged rocks of the ancient Ouachita Mountains. Each section has its characteristic prairies, forests, marshes, rivers, and mountains with their own plants, animals and ecosystems. Overlaying all of that is its long history - the mound cultures over a millennium ago, land-clearing for lumber and large farms in the last few centuries, the Trail of Tears, Judge Parker enforcing law on fugitives hiding in Indian Territory. The story continues right up to the challenges of urbanization today.

We band together to study this land, contribute to its conservation, and share our knowledge with our community.  Many hands make light work, it is said, and work is light indeed with such an excellent group of companions.  Join the band and become part of a group working to make a difference.


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What can you do with NWAMN-S?

  • Work for prairie preservation with Ben Geren Regional Park.

  • Volunteer at Janet Huckabee River Valley Nature Area
  • Monitor water quality with the Stream Team.

  • Seed-gather, clear privet, and clean up trash at Cherokee Prairie Nature Area with Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission.

  • Document nature as a Citizen Scientist

  • Share our knowledge of the land by way of presentations, table-top activities, and nature classes.

  • Support each other as we develop our individual projects.

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Upcoming NWAMN-S Events
Upcoming NWAMN-S Events
Click here to see upcoming NWAMN-S events.



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