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Join WAMN in 2020Welcome to WAMN! 
You'll love being a
Western Arkansas Master Naturalist.

The western chapter of AMN stretches from Van Buren north into the Ozark National Forest, from Fort Smith south into the Ouachita National Forest, and east along the Arkansas River to Clarksville.  Our base is the Janet Huckabee River Valley Nature Center in Fort Smith.

WAMN is of a more nimble size that some other chapters, so you can look forward to immediately participating in the chapter and having chapter activities focus on your areas of interest.  Chapter activities currently involve checking water quality with Stream Team, harvesting native plant seeds from Cherokee Prairie and Massard Prairie, policing the highway that cuts through Cherokee Prairie, and eliminating invasive foreign species.  We can add your interests to the list!

Dues for the first year are $165, which covers the $135 Naturalist In Training fee and your first year's dues.  After that, yearly dues are $30.  Dues can be paid on-line or with a check to the WAMN treasurer.


WAMN offers Naturalist in Training classes starting the middle of January, extending to the end of April.  This is many more than the 40 hours required for graduating to full Master Naturalist status.  You are welcome to attend every class offered, but if your weekends become busy, the extended schedule means you'll still be able to graduate.  The class schedule is almost complete, though a few classes still need to be confirmed.  Of course, if you can't start in January, just pick your start time and complete the training the next year.  All Master Naturalists are welcome to sit in on Naturalist in Training classes whenever they like at no extra charge.


You can submit a membership application by using the on-line Member Signup form. Or you can download the membership application PDF and mail it to the address on the form's header.


We look forward to welcoming you to Arkansas Master Naturalists!

WAMN 2020 Naturalist in Training Schedule

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