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Greenhouse Team
November 16, 2019:  A dozen or more CAMNers showed up for the annual sowing party. The crew sowed native plant seeds into  about 2000 pots. Seventeen different species of plants. The plants should be ready for planting sometime in late March.

Under Water!The June floods saw lots of PMSP underwater, including the Greenhouse!  But the diligent greenhouse team has it back in ship shape!



Thanks to Kay Sanders and Gary Earleywine for helping to restore the GH to where it was before the “Great Flood of 2019”.  Plants are back in the fenced area .The Dogwoods and Redbuds are in good shape. No damage to the GH despite three feet of water.  The Pollinator garden is a mess but it may recover.


We will scour the nearby fields for any escaped pots or any debris from the GH once it dries out a little more. The receding water really had some movement to pick up a Leopold bench and move it a couple of hundred yards from the GH!  We are back in business.


Then on July 11, a large crew assembled and did some extensive repairs:

Digging two holes for the 4x4 door jam and cement in place.

Installing the door.

Drilling pilot holes on the hoop to reinstall the aluminum strips.

Attaching the hoop to the door frame.

Reattaching the bottom sheathing frame.

Using wiggle wire to reattach the sheathing.


Whew!  And this is just the back of the GH which was the only damaged part. The GH will be 8’ shorter since we are not going to use the damaged two hoops.


It doesn’t just take a village, it takes a talented, dedicated and skilled village!