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Arkansas Master Naturalists


We are volunteer educators, citizen scientists and stewards of the environment striving to protect and preserve Arkansas' natural beauty.

Inspired by Nature

Inspired by nature

Citizen Scientists

Stewards for Nature

Stewards Of nature

Educating All Ages

Journey North: tracking the signs of spring

Journey North is a citizen science project helping scientists determine the path and timing of the return of migratory birds and insects as well as growth and bloom of some plants so that they can compare to previous year's dates and patterns.  For more information on what you can do, visit Journey North

Check the maps for all the observations you can submit

Journey North observations

Check where Monarchs, Orioles and other signs have been sighted

Journey North map

What do Master Naturalists do?
Our motto is keeping the Natural State natural, but what work do chapters actually do to achieve this?


We record hours in trailbuilding, education, habitat restoration, native garden maintenance, outreach, bird box monitoring, citizen science data collection and analysis, invasive species removal, natural area maintenance and more.  Chapters sometimes have big projects and sometimes its just two or three dedicated individuals who work together on a garden or trail.

Left are examples of projects that chapters are involved in. Much depends on the part of the state the chapter is located in, who are local partners are and the terrain.  To read in detail about this projects, please visit the page linked below for stories about each one.

We hope this inspires you to find your own work to do to help keep things natural.

AMN Projects

Become a Master Naturalist

Want to learn about the natural world and participate in volunteer projects that contribute to conservation in Arkansas?  Arkansas Master Naturalist chapters statewide are recruiting new members to participate in their spring Naturalist in Training courses. Classroom and field sessions led by expert naturalists and professionals in their fields will cover topics from trees to birds to geology to stream ecology. Completing the course is the first step to becoming a Arkansas Master Naturalist. 

As an Arkansas Master Naturalist you will have access to a wide range of volunteer activities that will help you learn more about the beautiful flora and fauna of our natural state, share your knowledge with others and spend time outdoors with a purpose that will benefit nature. Learn more about how you can make a significant contribution by contacting your local chapter for more information below.

About Us

Our mission: To develop a corps of well-informed volunteers to provide education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities.


Join Us

Most Chapters recruit new members in the late fall and begin training in January.  Click here to see a map of chapters and joining information.

Support us

Support Us

We are a volunteer nonprofit organization, but other agencies often ask us to help fund and support their projects.  If you'd like to help us to contribute to our partners, click the photo above.

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Upcoming Events

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Recent Articles

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