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Want to join CAMN and learn about the Natural State while giving back to the community through volunteerism? 
Applications are now being accepted for the 2022 training class.  


In a normal, non-pandemic year, we would also post our complete training schedule at this time, so that those interested in applying can see what exactly what to expect.  However, as we prepare for a second year of necessary restrictions that limit in-person gatherings, we are doing so more slowly. 

Our 2022 training schedule will launch virtually again this year, with orientation on January 22 and subsequent classes offered on the 1st and 3rd Saturday mornings of most months through May.  During that time, we will continuously monitor and evaluate safe practices and plan additional classes accordingly.  Once it is safe to resume in person classes, we will begin to add them to the schedule, and we will also begin to offer morning and afternoon sessions.  Things look very different when they are live rather than on Zoom!   


We are always so happy to welcome our newest members and want to offer a robust, informative, and interesting training program that can prepare you to be an active volunteer with CAMN!  But safety is our first concern, so we will ask for everyone to be flexible as we navigate another unusual year. 

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Donate now for Arkansas WIld Spaces

Arkansas Wild Spaces (AWS) is a project of the Central Arkansas Master Naturalists designed to assist homeowners in Central Arkansas to 1) identify non-native invasive plants they should remove from their yards, and 2) suggest native plants for adding to improve ecosystem functions and increase wildlife populations.  We welcome your donation!  We use donations to provide handouts for homeowners, website setup and maintenance, and supplies. Volunteers run AWS and no funds are used for profit. Donations are 100% tax deductible.

Arkansas Wild Spaces Application

It takes 6-9,000 caterpillars to raise one clutch of chickadee babies.

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Arkansas Wild Spaces

CAMN Home Page

Welcome To CAMN!

Central Arkansas is where it all began! In 2006, at Pinnacle Mountain State Park, a need met a solution. The need: trained volunteers who could help supplement the work of the Park Interpreters. The solution: a recently relocated Texas Master Naturalist, Tom Neale. Together the park personnel and Tom created a training program, recruited the first class, and launched the program that has grown to encompass much of the state of Arkansas and has provided thousands of hours of volunteer support to state parks as well as dozens of other agencies and entities.


For 15 years, CAMN members have been stewards of the natural areas in Central Arkansas. We have educated the public and introduced kids to the wonders of nature and the responsibility we all share in caring for it. We've built trails, provided housing for birds, monitored the quality of rivers and lakes, picked up litter, removed invasive species, grown and planted native plants, and provided educated citizen scientists. We've worked hard and we've had fun. And the Natural State has benefitted from it all. Come see what we do!

Our Mission:

To develop a corps of well-informed volunteers to provide education, outreach, and service

dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities.


Lorance Creek Field Trip

After more than a year of not being able to meet in person for learning, it was a real treat to be able to participate in a Field Trip to the Lorance Creek Natural Area. 
Photo Courtesy of Lee Soderberg
Specific safety protocols were in place and followed, which allowed nearly 20 people to enjoy a beautiful morning together getting to know the creatures that inhabit the swampy creek. 

crayfish FT
Photo Courtesy of David Holcomb


Our instructor was Dustin Lynch, Aquatics Biologist with ANHC, who is not only extremely knowledgeable about what lives in the swamp, he is also willing to get into the swamp and trap the specimens for us to see. 
crayfish FT
Photo Courtesy of David Holcomb
With the assistance of Brie Olsen (CAMN), ecologist with ADEQ, Dustin set 6 traps the night before our visit, and then retrieved the traps for us to examine.  We saw 3 different species of crayfish (our primary target), along with numerous fish and other aquatic creatures.  Dustin is also an accomplished birder, so he helped us identify a number of birds, including the gorgeous prothonotary warbler – a life bird for several of our attendees. 

crayfish FT

Photo Courtesy of David Holcomb


Focus on CAMNation

Living through the social isolation of the pandemic has had impact on so much of what we do, of course.  Each one of us could likely make a long list of things we do differently now.  One impact that we are beginning to realize is that there is a good chance that many of you don't even know the people who serve you on our board.  And until it's safe to resume in-person meetings, that's not likely to change.  So we thought it would be fun and helpful to feature our board members and others!




Getting to Know

Cheryl Driedric

2020 NiT Class Representative

Cheryl 1 1

I was born and raised in Sherwood at a time when it was considered out in the country, or in other words a more natural habitat.  I am married and have two adult sons, three grandchildren, and one grand dog.  I am also a Registered Nurse, now retired, and worked for many years at St. Vincent Infirmary and UAMS.

Cheryl 2 1

My hobbies include hiking, gardening, yoga, Pilates, crafts (I am currently doing paper crafting/card making), and am a big baseball fan (both sons played baseball from Tee Ball through college so I understand the nuances of the game including how to keep a scorebook).

I was excited to become a Master Naturalist, and remain so because I not only enjoy the outdoors but I am glad for the opportunity to be a part of the effort to preserve nature in the Natural State. 








Bluebird houses 3
Pulaski County Conservation District Expo


CAMNers Art Lovett, Lee Soderberg, Rob King, Linda VanHook, Davis Thompson, Diane Brownlee, and Bill Toland assisted the Pulaski County Conservation District Expo visitors in assembling Bluebird box kits and providing information on their placement and care in their yards.

The unusual was the fact that all visitors were adults!

One of the exhibitors finally brought in his children at the conclusion to end the drought.

Rookie Linda VanHook is now the expert Bluebird box assembler for CAMN.

A beautiful day for our group to catch up with fellow CAMN members and other regular members of the local conservation family.

Bluebird houses 2 Bluebird Houses 1

Arkansas Wild Spaces

Donations accepted for boat upkeep and supplies used for Fourche Creek Clean Up Events.

Servicing Fourche Creek and Fourche Bottoms

Educational Resources

Remote learning (Continuing Education) 


Remote Learning Resources