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How to join Arkansas Master Naturalists

No chapters except Northeast are accepting applications at this time. Please check back in the fall.

Do you love nature?  Do you want to share that love of nature with others?  Do you want to work with others to keep the Natural State natural?   Then Arkansas Master Naturalists is the place for you.


You'll start out as a Naturalist In Training.  After attending at least 40 hours of classroom and hands-on training your first year, you'll graduate to Master Naturalist.  Going forward, you'll be a Certified Master Naturalist every year that you attend at least 8 hours of advanced training and put in 40 hours of volunteer work.


Dues for the first year are $165, which covers the up to $135 Naturalist In Training fee and your first year's dues.  After that, yearly dues are $30.  Dues can be paid on-line or with a check to your chapter's treasurer.


The Arkansas Master Naturalists have eight chapters around the state.  Look at the map and decide which one is most convenient for you. It's probably the chapter closest to you, but another one may fit your schedule better.  And there's nothing to say you can't participate in events from several chapters.

Each chapter presents their own series of classes.  Click on the links below for each chapter's schedule and mailing address. Their page will have a link that takes you to a PDF you can download. Or you can use this link for an online application and choose the chapter you wish to apply to during the process.


Counties with a texture are not yet affiliated with a chapter. Residents of those counties are encouraged to join the closest chapter to their location.

Join CAMN - Central Arkansas Master Naturalists

Join DLAMN - Diamond Lakes Arkansas Master Naturalists

Join FAMN - Foothills Arkansas Master Naturalists

Join NCAMN - North Central Arkansas Master Naturalists

Join NEAMN - Northeast Arkansas Master Naturalists

Join NWAMN - Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalists

Join SEAMN - Southeast Arkansas Master Naturalists

Join WAMN - Western Arkansas Master Naturalists


We look forward to welcoming you to Arkansas Master Naturalists!