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Arkansas Master Naturalists


We are volunteer educators, citizen scientists and stewards of the environment striving to protect and preserve Arkansas' natural beauty.

Inspired by Nature

Citizen Scientists

Stewards for Nature

Educating All Ages

Become an Arkansas Master Naturalist


Want to learn about the natural world and participate in volunteer projects that contribute to conservation in Arkansas?  Arkansas Master Naturalist chapters statewide are recruiting new members to participate in their spring Naturalist in Training courses. Classroom and field sessions led by expert naturalists and professionals in their fields will cover topics from trees to birds to geology to stream ecology. Completing the course is the first step to becoming a Arkansas Master Naturalist. 

As an Arkansas Master Naturalist you will have access to a wide range of volunteer activities that will help you learn more about the beautiful flora and fauna of our natural state, share your knowledge with others and spend time outdoors with a purpose that will benefit nature. Learn more about how you can make a significant contribution by contacting your local chapter for more information below.

Inspired by Nature
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Are you a naturally curious person who sees beauty in the forests, water and animals around us?  Perhaps you’d be interested in Citizen Science projects such as counting bluebirds or assessing the health of local streams as a way to contribute to your community?  Maybe you want to share what you know with students and inspire the next generation by leading a hike or doing a hands on presentation?  Inspiring a love of nature is what Master Naturalists do.  If you are inspired by nature and want to inspire others, you should join us, together we can do enormous good for our communities.

Citizen Scientists
Town Center Stream Team

What we do matters and you can have a direct impact on the ecology of your local community!  Master Naturalists work on a number of scientifically important projects, everything from listening to frogs and toads for FrogWatch USA, to counting macroinvertebrates in order to assess the health of local streams, even backyard bird counts.  With training, we provide important data on what’s happening in our local ecosystems.  If there’s a project that’s important to you, join us and make a difference.

Stewards for Nature
This is some of the most important work we do and it can take many forms.  From a simple invasive weed pull to a full on BioBlitz where every species is counted, Master Naturalists pride themselves on being stewards for nature.  In addition to working on specific projects we also educate the public on various topics such as best practices for pollinators or how to  keep your local watershed clean or what native plants grow in your area. If you want to learn how to be a better steward for nature, join us, we welcome your ideas.

Educating All Ages

If you’re reading this, you probably consider yourself a lifelong learner and understand the value of passing along important information and best practices to others.  This is one of our primary goals as Master Naturalists.  We want to educate children and adults in a variety of ways and we do this by developing fun and interesting lessons, leading hikes, doing hands on craft projects, we even put on costumes to talk about forest creatures! Our objective is to make learning interactive, fun and meaningful.  


To Find Out More, Choose a Chapter

Each chapter presents their own series of classes.  Click on the links below for each chapter's schedule and mailing address. Their page will have a link that takes you to a PDF you can download. Some chapters use an online application as noted below.
Counties with a texture are not yet affiliated with a chapter. Residents of those counties are encouraged to join the closest chapter to their location.

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Western Arkansas Master Naturalists (WAMN)
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We look forward to welcoming you to Arkansas Master Naturalists!


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